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Office products company Staples Inc (Nasdaq:SPLS) announced on Thursday the completion of the acquisition of Makr, an iOS app that enables people to design and print one-of-a-kind materials and its parent company Happy.
Today and tomorrow Corn Dolly and Flower Festival to makr 170th anniversary of first harvest festival in 1843, St Cuthbert's, Hebron, today 11am-4pm, tomorrow noon-4pm.
Party attendees at the Google I/O Conference were invited to send a drink recipe via a smartphone app to a three-armed robot Makr Shakr.
Jamal al-Dulaimi, from the Anbar police command, said that the rapid response operation "was launched based on the information obtained by Iraqi forces indicating there were dangerous terrorist activities going on in the areas of Makr al-Theeb, al-Sheikhain, al-Husseiniyat and the Horan Valley".
The combat mission was backed by four gunships and aimed to foil the plans of the terrorists in the areas of Makr Al-Zeib, Al-Hosseiniya, and Horan valley near the border towns of Al-Qaem and Al-Ratba.
The funeral procession of Jika attracts a large crowd as it moves from the Omar Makr Mosque near Tahrir Square to Mohamed Mahmoud Street.
160, 170 (1890) (noting that solitary confinement preceding execution was in eighteenth-century England "considered as an additional punishment of such a severe kind that it is spoken of in the preamble [to the 1752 act] as 'a further terror and peculiar makr of infamy' to be added to the punishment of death," and acknowledging that "[i]n Great Britain, as in other countries, public sentiment revolted against this severity, and ...
(16) makr [an Arabic word which means cheating, fraud], heela [an Arabic word which means fraud, excuse], faraib [a Persian word which means cheating, deceiving]
CARDIFF 4 DONCASTER 0 CARDIFF CITY manager Dave Jones watched his new super-star Craig Bellamy makr his debut with a stunning goal - then admitted: "I'm relieved it's all over."
Literaturde, siddete maruz kalma sonucu ortaya cikabilen travmaya bagli sucluluk, intihar girisimi, diger psikolojik belirtiler ile TSSB arasindaki baglantilara dikkat cekilmistir (Bati, 2007; Dilbaz, 2005; Dutton ve Goodman, 1994; Ehlers, 1999; Flannery, 1999; Guler ve ark., 2005; Hawton ve Catalan, 1994; Henning ve Frueh, 1997; Humphreys ve ark., 1999, 2001; HUNEE, 2009; Johnson ve Zlotnick, 2006; Kubany ve ark., 2004; Kubany ve Watson, 2003; Leskela ve ark., 2002; MAKR, 2006; Philips ve ark., 2006; Subasi ve Akin, 2004; Stone, 1997; Street ve ark., 2005; Waldrop ve Resick, 2004; Woods, 2000).
155) remarks that the theme of Allah's use of trickery (makr) in Q 3:54 "seems strange, if not shocking." Since the context of this verse concerns Jesus, Samir suggests that it reflects the patristic theme of God deceiving Satan by taking on a human form.