MAKSMedical Aid Kit/Station
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"The horse is here belonging to Mak...Mak...I never can say the name," said the Englishman, over his shoulder, pointing his big finger and dirty nail towards Gladiator's stall.
Nowadays a poet makes a poem, and it is printed with his name upon the title-page.
'There's nobbut t' missis; and shoo'll not oppen 't an ye mak' yer flaysome dins till neeght.'
Ar wouldn't mak' ill words amang my neeburs, and ar speak tiv'ee quiet loike.
Whether this impatience arose from that natural weakness of the human mind, which makes it desirous to know the worst, and renders uncertainty the most intolerable of pains; or whether he still flattered himself with some secret hopes, we will not determine.
There was nothing like them in these parts, nor ever had been; they had liked learning, all three, almost from the time they could speak; and they had always been "of a mak' of their own." Mr.
"What I seen over on th' right makes me think it was th' other way about.
"It makes me quite happy to be so near my old friends.
Whar's the man would mak' sic an answer as that to a bonny young leddy like you?"
"It is all right to be ashamed and makes me understand new things," he said to the grandmother, who didn't know what the boy was talking about but loved him so much that it didn't matter whether she understood or not.
All the little stream are bordered by soft peat, which makes it very difficult fo the horses to leap them without falling.
Monsieur Beel, dis lettair mak me de most happi of mans.