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"You forgot to wear your Arsenal jersey tonight," responded Makus, before misunderstanding Aubameyang's joke about people's outrage over footballers' lives and instead seeing it as a jokey threat against him.
Aubameyang laughed off the suggestion of wearing the Arsenal kit and before getting in one last dig about Makus' Twitter verification.
Tooth Wear in Guaviare's Nomadic Tribe Nukak Maku: Preliminary Study
Con el fin de conocer la presencia del desgaste dental en la tribu nukak maku de, Guaviare y sus posibles causas, se realizo un acercamiento a la poblacion indigena y la posterior recoleccion de datos para su estudio, Esta tribu esta identificada como un grupo nomada que habita en el interfluvio entre el rio Guaviare y el curso alto de, rio Inirida, en e, Departamento de, Guaviare (Colombia).
El objetivo del estudio fue identificar la presencia del desgaste dental segun la Escala de Guerasimov-Zoubovl de acuerdo con su localizacion (dientes) y distribucion segun el sexo y la edad en un asentamiento de la tribu nomada nukak maku de San Jose del Guaviare.
Locke's views are even more conflicted, according to Makus. He too claims that freedom and equality prevail in the state of nature and in civil society.
Makus argues that Mill proposed equal opportunities for women because he believed that the general social structure would not undergo radical changes since so few women would be interested in pursuing these new opportunities.
In the final chapters, Makus argues that no contemporary feminist has resolved the problem of how to give women rights over their bodies equal to those of men and at the same time have children raised to meet the needs of society.
Makus contends that presently Hobbesian, Lockean, and Millsian alternatives "are assumed or invoked to regulate, maintain, and account for links between generations" (p.
Although Makus's work is useful in providing another perspective on Hobbes's and Locke's views of women's rationality, it suffers the enormous problem that, because her new explanations for women's exclusion unquestioningly assume male dominance at their basis, they really do not explain very much at all.
An assumption of male dominance is also required by Makus's contention that liberals' exclusion of women has more to do with parent-child relations than with male-female relations.
Makus scraped together $10,000 to start up and matched those funds with a business loan.