MALBMulticolored Asian Lady Beetle
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Microalbumin levels were determined using a MALB SPQ II kit (INCSTAR, Stillwater, MN, USA) and a standard curve prepared with BSA.
Multicolored Asian lady beetles (MALB), Harmonia axyridis (Pallas) were introduced as biocontrol agents to control the pecan aphid, pear psylla and other soft-bodied insects.
The European Commission authorised on 26 October Italian car-components firm Magneti Marelli SpA to acquire sole control of MM Automotive Lighting Business (MALB), a joint venture in which Magneti Marelli had joint control with the German automotive components maker Robert Bosch GmbH.
Objective: To analyze the values of combined detection of urinary micro albumin (mAlb), [alpha]1-microglobulin ([alpha]1-MG) and N-acetyl-[beta]-D-glucosaminidase (NAG) in the early diagnosis of diabetic nephropathy (DN).
MALB was active this year during harvest and over a longer period of time due to prolonged warm fall temperatures.
Plasma GDF-15 levels were also increased with the mogensen stage in type 2 diabetic nephropathy, and, thus, it is an independent risk factor for increased microalbuminuria (mAlb).
Iraqi forces backed by tribesmen moved into five Ramadi neighbourhoods Sunday, with helicopters providing cover and firing on the sprawling district of Malb at the centre of fighting between anti-government fighters and security forces and their tribal allies.
Multicolored Asian lady beetles (MALBs) also produce isopropyl methoxypyrazines and, when MALB get into grape must, they release the MP compounds that can give wines flavors that are described as asparagus, peanut butter or bell pepper.
-- First it was the multi-colored Asian lady beetle (MALB) invading Eastern vineyards and imparting a nasty flavor to the wines.
Japanese beetles were again conspicuously absent, but the multicolored Asian lady beetles (MALB) were abundant in late season.
MPs also can be derived from exogenous contamination, such as the multi-colored Asian Lady Beetle (MALB), but we won't consider these events in this review.
* Though pest pressures were high, multi-colored Asia lady beetle (MALB) was not present at harvest.