MALDMiniature Air Launched Decoy
MALDMaster of Arts in Law and Diplomacy (Fletcher School)
MALDMatrix Assisted Laser Desorption (biochemistry)
MALDMulti-Array Laser Diode (thermal imaging)
MALDMaster of the Academy of Laser Dentistry
MALDMaster of Arts in Landscape Design
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After an inquest, his devastated parents, Bharat and Naina Mald, said they were "at a complete loss" over why he should have taken his life.
Yet English scholars have not noticed that the same process took place with the Welsh equivalent Mald, casting light on the English word's history.
Tenders are invited for concession of services for the management and exploitation of the municipal pool bar of mald, from june 22 to september 1, 2019.
Many fear they will go to bed one night on dry land, and wake up in the morning in water, writes Matthew Schofield on the dark future that awaits Mald
M50: 1 E Campbell (Buckley) 41.42, 2 M Robbins (Wrex) 42.43, 3 H Jones (Mald) 45.07.
RESULTS of Neil Howells Memorial race, Montgomery: 1 T Davies (Mald) 27.57, 2 J Loxam (Stockport) 28.35, 3 A Yap (Mercia, M45) 30.24, 4 D Jones (Sh Shufflers) 31.16, 5 E Davies (Mald, M55) 31.19, 6 J Sealer (Sh Sh) 32.03.
Turning to decoys, the 135-kg swing-wing Raytheon AGM-160B Miniature Air-Launched Decoy (Mald) successfully completed flight testing in January 2008.
The original MALD concept was a decoy designed to confuse enemy air defense systems.
The F-15E does not currently have the RWR to make this vision a reality In fact, no US combat aircraft has the sensor array described above; the MALD is not fielded; and the small, unattended sensors described do not exist.
The Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering's Strategic Capabilities Office (SCO), with Air Force Miniature Air Launch Decoy (MALD) Program Office, and Naval Air Warfare Center Point Mugu successfully completed a series of free flight demonstrations of the MALD-X on August 20 and 22.