MALDEMichigan Association of Learning Disabilities Educators
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Shruti Malde is a specialist optometrist at Queen Victoria Hospital, East Grinstead and is responsible for reviewing cataract and glaucoma cases along with assisting in corneal clinics undertaking collagen cross-linking follow-up checks.
The awards are in memory of Teesside stockbroker and oxford graduate Anjool Malde, who died in 2009 after falling to his death in London.
Malde MK, Zerihun L, Julshamn K and K Bjorvatn Fluoride, calcium and magnesium intake in children living in a high-fluoride area in Ethiopia.
Alvheim AR1, Malde MK, Osei-Hyiaman D, Lin YH, Pawlosky RJ, Madsen L, Kristiansen K, Froyland L, Hibbeln JR.
Malde, Melissa and Kurt-Alexander Zeller, MaryJean Allen.
Powder characterization company Freeman Technology of Tewkesbury, UK, has announced significant expansion into Asia with the appointment of Nishil Malde as general manager for Asia Pacific.
Richard Ford, a 33-year-old City worker, jumped from the terrace in 2007, followed two years later by 24-year old Anjool Malde, who took his own life after being suspended by Deutsche Bank.
Dr Malde Modhwadia, of Silver Star, which provides diabetes awareness, said: "The campaign aims to highlight the need for dialogue between patients and healthcare professionals around Ramadan.
Donovan, who reports to Bhagesh Malde, senior managing director in State Street's alternative investment solutions group, will help expand State Street's real estate investment servicing business across North America.
26) lust as she betrays her father by her initial romantic association with the disguised Duke, "Gualtier Malde," so the Duke will in turn betray her.
Anjool Malde jumped from the A[degrees]terrace of Coq d'Argent in the City of London just before his 25th birthday.
Oxford graduate Anjool Malde was just two days short of his 25th birthday when he fell from the terrace of Coq d'Argent in central London.