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vi 48'-49': sa-al-ti-is ma-al pi-i-ki u ma-la-am ma-ha-ar-sa du-ub-bi, "Speak to her imperiously, whatever you like, and as an equal." The translation follows CAD M/I 161 maldm "speak to her (Istar) proudly, whatever you like, and as an equal" and Hecker (1989: 736) "Herrisch, wie (dir) der Mund (gewachsen ist,) und wie angemessen vor ihr, rede!" Differently Groneberg 1981: 115 ("machtvoll, deinem Mund gemass, und in Fiille rede vor ihr!"), 1997: 81 ("Herrisch, entsprechend deinem Mund--genauso rede vor ihr"), and Foster 2005: 101 ("Speak out proudly what is on your tongue, and as much again before her").