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MALEMedium Altitude Long Endurance (unmanned aerial vehicles)
MALEMoyenne Altitude Longue Endurance (French: Medium Altitude Long Endurance; military aviation)
MALEMarried and Losing Everything
MALEMens Advice Line and Enquiries (UK)
MALEModified Adaptive Line Enhancement (biomedical engineering)
MALEMothers Against Lousy Education (Egypt)
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It seemed from the messenger's tale that two of Gr-gr-gr's great males had been set upon by a half-dozen of Hooja's cutthroats while the former were peaceably returning from the thag hunt.
Kala was the youngest mate of a male called Tublat, meaning broken nose, and the child she had seen dashed to death was her first; for she was but nine or ten years old.
It is a fact of some little importance to us, that peculiarities appearing in the males of our domestic breeds are often transmitted either exclusively, or in a much greater degree, to males alone.
A Male of the lowest type of the Isosceles may look forward to some improvement of his angle, and to the ultimate elevation of the whole of his degraded caste; but no Woman can entertain such hopes for her sex.
Their bodies were smaller and lighter in color, and their fingers and toes bore the rudiments of nails, which were entirely lacking among the males. The adult females ranged in height from ten to twelve feet.
When Akut was by, the small folk kept their distance, but with Korak they were less shy and when both the males were gone they would come close to Meriem, tugging at her ornaments or playing with Geeka, who was a never ending source of amusement to them.
The males of all, or certainly of the greater number, are jet black; and the females (with perhaps one or two exceptions) are brown.
Was not the selection of the male guardians determined by differences of this sort?
Being young, and thinking himself safe above the reach of the heavy male, Gazan screamed an ill-timed insult at their tormentor.
The nurseries for males of noble or eminent birth, are provided with grave and learned professors, and their several deputies.
With full stomachs, bickering and quarrelling began among the younger males, and this continued through the few days that followed before the breaking-up of the pack.
They generally are of two sorts; those composed almost entirely of females, and those mustering none but young vigorous males, or bulls, as they are familiarly designated.