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MALEOModular Assembly in Low Earth Orbit
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The internal Longbridge documents dating back to the 1990s describe Project Maleo as "a project started by the Indonesian Ministry for Strategic Industries to create a new independ-SOURCE ent motor car industry.
The beach is now a protected habitat for the maleo, which relies on the sun-baked sands of beaches and in some instances, volcanically heated soil, to incubate its eggs, which it buries in the ground.
The piece starts with Alegria lip-synching to "Incomprendido" ("Misunderstood"), an Ismael "Maleo" Rivera song that talks about a man who feels lonely because he is not loved or appreciated for who he is (or thinks himself to be).
The rainforest is home to the rare maleo bird, which is almost extinct, as well as the sulphur-crested cockatoo, whose population has been decimated by the pet trade.
The engine also has been chosen as the power plant for the Maleo project, the Indonesian national passenger-car program that has scheduled production for late 1998.
Franco and Silvana Colombani own Albergo del Sole, a lovingly maintained country inn in Maleo, south of Milan.
("Jaga, nyuncul ku iti korojo ku te, odong muyon ntalop, maleo lagi muyon mun am somok").
Currently, the province receives 110bn BTUs/day of its gas supply from the Maleo field, operated by Santos (see gmt11IndnsFieldsMar11-13).
Lorok DOH JBT Kepodang-Semarang Petronas 205 130-150 Carigali Terang--Sirasun-- Pagerungan 20 300 Pagerungan Blok Madura BD Madura BD block 40 80 Maleo-EJGP Santos Maleo 8 150 Oyong--EJGP Santos Oyong 60 150 Bojonegara, Merak, Pertamina, DOH 25 30 Anyer JBB Surabaya-Tuban Petrogas 35 130 Wirajatim (Receiving LNG Terminal) Pipelines Category Cilegon-- Open Access Serpong Lb Maringgai--Muara Open Access Bekasi--Tegal Gede Pabelokan--Cilegon Dedicated Downstream Tambun--Cikarang Open Access Muara Bekasi-- Open Access Cirebon Gresik-Semarang Open Access Cirebon-Semarang Open Access Randublatung-- Dedicated Downstream Gundih--T.