MALFMean Annual Low Flow (New Zealand)
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His father could trace his pure Saxon lineage back to that Godfrey Malf who had held the manors of Bisterne and of Minstead at the time when the Norman first set mailed foot upon English soil.
The nucleotide sequence of the gene for malF protein, an inner membrane component of the maltose transport system of Escherichia coli.
Often I shoot autopistols up close to a vertical support on the right, to see if brass bouncin' back at the action might cause a malf.
(4) If it breaks or malf's, especially at one of those "very, very wrong moments," fling it aside and grab another weapon.
The Hellcat smoothed out with zero malf's after about 40 rounds.
When I got home, I was unable to duplicate the malf. Ammo was full-power Remington UMC 230-grain .45 hardball, running at around 194,000 power factor, based on the last time ammo from the same lot was chronographed at an IDPA state championship.
I'll gnarfle 'em into order, and try not to malf or have a RUD.
We're up between 1,500 and 2,000 rounds fired through the test gun now, and there has not been a malf since that one early failure to go into battery.
The only human error malf, and that occurred repeatedly, was failure to lock the slide open on the last shot when a right thumb resting on the manual safety predictably held the rear-mounted slide lock lever down and kept it from doing its job.