MALPMobile Analytic Laboratory Probe (Stargate)
MALPMobile All-Terrain Laboratory Platform (Stargate)
MALPMaximum Availability Location Problem (multi-objective model)
MALPMexican American Library Program (University of Texas)
MALPMutually Adaptive Learning Paradigm (education)
MALPMaster Alarm Light Panel
MALPMacho Alpha Lomo Plateado (Spanish: Alpha Male Silverback; social archetype)
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Next, a brief review of the MCLP, MALP, and the MQ-MALP models is provided.
The other type of the models attempted to take explicit account of the probabilities of servers being busy to compute the amount of redundancy actually needed, such as the MEXCLP by Daskin [37] and MALP by ReVelle and Hogan [38].
The paper first examines the conditions, processes, and activities characteristic of each setting and then outlines how teachers can use their knowledge of these two conflicting paradigms to design a Mutually Adaptive Learning Paradigm (MALP) that can help Hmong learners succeed academically.
These maltose-specific genes are lamB, malE, malF, malG, malI, malK, malM, malP, malQ, malT, malX, and malY (Ferenci et al.
Three (malP, pyrC, and gyrB) of these genes had undergone 2 changes.
For example, in metE the base changes are at the 2 ends and may represent 2 recombination events; the same applies, to a lesser extent, to malP.
US Under Secretary of treasury David Malps, told lawmakers in a congressional hearing on Wednesday that the core purpose of engagement with Pakistan is to ensure that it does not remain in the vicious circle of poverty for long.