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MALSMaster of Arts in Liberal Studies
MALSMarine Aviation Logistics Squadron
MALSMedium-Intensity Approach Light System
MALSMarine Air Logistics Squadron
MALSMaster of Arts in Library Science
MALSMulti-Angle Laser Light Scattering
MALSMobile Analytical Laboratory System
MALSMemphis Area Legal Services, Inc.
MALSMiniature Air Launched System
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MALS 24 is a unique operation in which the commanding officer is a Marine Corps lieutenant colonel, with a Navy commander serving as the executive officer.
While assigned to MALS 24, I served primarily as the Assistant Aviation Supply Officer, managing up to eight division officers and supporting the Aviation Supply Officer (ASO), typically a Marine Corps major.
The air blown out by the MALS from the vessel's bottom produces small air bubbles which cover the vessel's bottom like an "air-carpet", which reduces friction between the hull and seawater during navigation.
Following the successful launching of the MALS on module carriers, MHI has completed a newly developed concept design for bulk carriers, a major marine transportation vessel, that enables an approximately 25% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to conventional vessels, thanks to application of the MALS complemented with high-efficiency hull form and improved propulsion system.
is the largest and most deployed MALS in the Marine Corps.