MALSPMarine Aviation Logistics Support Plan (US DoD)
MALSPMarine Aviation Logistics Support Package
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Fleet-wide acceptance of MALSP II concepts will require sweeping changes in organizational culture and behavior.
AIRSpeed and MALSP II are not "change for the sake of change;" their concepts are based on hard science and future operational plans and concepts of operation.
In 2005, a multi-phased pilot was launched to prove MALSP II concepts.
Proving value through use of the pilot in this manner is critical to the overall development and buy-in of MALSP II concepts.
The Aviation Logistics Transition Task Force is the umbrella under which stakeholders, subject matter experts, planners, and others as required are organized to serve in working groups and integrated product teams to identify capability gaps and implement MALSP II concepts.
* Globally managing MALSP elements in buffers/time domain (e.g., people, parts, support equipment, mobile facilities, and maintenance capabilities)
Realizing the MALSP II dream will ultimately require a rigorous effort to develop and implement new business rules, transformation methodologies, measures of effectiveness, and technology enablers with an overall emphasis on designing for increased performance and reduced footprint.
In keeping with continuous process improvement and an evolutionary strategy, MALSP II development will include planning phases for the third release of MALSP.