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To make it malted barley is soaked in water to allow its enzymes to convert the grain's own starch into maltose.
Torrax range, also made from 100 per cent pure roasted malted barley, is aimed at food processors.
of Essex, England, hoping to capitalize on this trend, began exporting its unique line of malted grains to the United States at the end of 1994.
Moreover, the cholestrol-lowering effect of bran flour made from malted barley "is more persistent than oat bran's," he asserts.
It is a whisky, produced in Scotland, at a single distillery using only malted barley, and no other grain or fermentable material.
Roasted barley is categorized as a specialty malt even though it is not malted.
Muntons Plc, the liquid and dried malt extract and malt flour manufacturers, have announced the availability of a new range of flaked malted products.
Not only do buns and other breads often contain malted barley; the animals that provided the meat may also have been fed the grain.