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But a single grain whisky or whiskey does not need to be made from barley nor from malted grain.
* Iced or Hot Malted Crafted Press --a hint of malted milk powder is added to Caribou's signature crafted press for a sweet subtle finish.
"The demand from the global brewing industry and for malt whisky in foreign markets such as India and the Far East indicates that production of quality malted barley is a growth industr y.
Malted milk, which is a combination of ground malt, flour and dried milk, was invented as food for infants and invalids.
Clarimalts are made from 100 per cent roasted malted barley and are a perfect addition to drinks including beer, colas and iced tea, adding a distinctive roasted flavour and intense black colour.
MALT whisky must contain no grain other than malted barley and is traditionally distilled in pot stills.
MALT Whisky is produced from three ingredients - malted barley, water and yeast.
Nose conveys an impression of sweetness with oloroso sherry aromas and malted barley fruitiness.
Malted grains are finding their way into specialty breads and whole-grain cereals like granola and muesli, adding fiber, color and flavor to these products.