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MALTOMission Analysis Low Thrust Optimization (NASA; mission analysis and design program)
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SS numbers issued online are tagged as temporary and can be used by employers to pay their employees monthly contributions, Malto said.
Those eligible for voluntary SSS membership, such as overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) and non-working spouses of active SSS members, can also apply for their own SS number through our website," Malto said.
k- is preserved as a stop before *i, *i; before the other vowels its reflex is the Kurux and Brahui voiceless velar spirant [x], which is spelled in the published sources as kh, and Malto q, the phonetic value of which is still uncertain" (Emeneau 1962: 62 [1980: 320]).
Once the worker has successfully changed the temporary SS number to a permanent one, it can be used to file for various SSS benefits and loan privileges, as well as to apply for the UMID Unified Multipurpose Identification card if at least one monthly contribution has already been posted, Malto said.
And speaking of Malto, we're sending well wishes his way while he recovers from a horrific ankle sprain.
Everywhere we went in KC, Malto had folks shouting him out.
Malto did his last trick in Pretty Sweet at every demo, so that's pretty professional.
Malto on Nike, Nyjah and Mike Mo on DC And the gnar gets gnarlier
When I need a friend, my Sean Malto Girl board is there for me.
Anyway, I wanted to congratulate Sean Malto for going pro for Girl.
WE SET OUT FOR REEDSPORT that night, where Malto got a sick nosegrind and McCrank and Julien ripped around.
Girl welcomed Alexander Olson, Scan Malto, and Mike Mo Capaldi into the front ranks of their pro squad last month.