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MALUMartin Luther King Jr National Historic Site (US National Park Service)
MALUMedia Accreditation and Liaison Unit (UN)
MALUMontgomery Area Linux Users (Montgomery, AL)
MALUModular Arithmetic-Logic Unit
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His name on the passenger list does not matter, but his other name, Captain Malu, was a name for niggers to conjure with, and to scare naughty pickaninnies to righteousness from New Hanover to the New Hebrides.
Bertie talked with Captain Malu in the smoking room, confiding to him his intention of seeing life red and bleeding in the Solomons.
Just a second," Captain Malu said quietly, reaching out his hand.
It's a pretty weapon," said Captain Malu, returning the automatic to him.
Now the Arla was one of many vessels owned by Captain Malu, and it was at his suggestion and by his invitation that Bertie went aboard the Arla as guest for a four days' recruiting cruise on the coast of Malaita.
Captain Malu was responsible for two other suggestions, which given, he disappears from this narrative.
Bertie did not know that it had been especially prepared for the occasion by Captain Malu, and he read therein how on September 21, two boat's crew had fallen overboard and been drowned.
They knew he could be depended upon, while he was equally certain that if he lived, he would report their drunken conduct to Captain Malu.
But Captain Malu sent back from Sydney two cases of the best Scotch whiskey on the market, for he was not able to make up his mind as to whether it was Captain Hansen or Mr Harriwell who had given Bertie Arkwright the more gorgeous insight into life in the Solomons.
He was a Malu man, from north-western Malaita, as likewise had been the one that was eaten.
Chief Ishikola of Su'u had offered five twenties of drinking coconuts for her, and Bau, a bush chief, had offered two chickens on the beach at Malu.
Without much ado, Malu gently slipped away from the limelight and left her fans wondering whatever happened to her.