MAMAAMothers Against Murder and Aggression (UK)
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The award of the MBE for her work with MAMAA convinced her it was time to change the focus of her work, which she has done with gusto: "I have given presentations on the dangers of knives, to more than 1200 teenagers in schools across Wales, but mainly in Gwynedd.
But after The People intervened, the Home Office promised to meet MAMAA to look at ways of funding the group.
MAMAA want to build a live-in retreat which will give grieving parents 24-hour care if they need it.
Their award is being presented by MAMAA, a national victim care organisation based in London.
Boxer Joe Calzaghe is backing measures to cut knife crime like the MAMAA workshop (inset)
Ms Lyn Costello, who co-founded MAMAA, said the 14 people leaving Dunblane on the walk would be joined by hundreds of others on the way.
The retreat will be run by MAMAA, Mothers Against Murder And Aggression.