MAMDMinistry of Administration and Manpower Development (Seychelles)
MAMDMulti-Agent Multi-Domain (computer environment)
MAMDManeuver Air and Missile Defense
MAMDMorrocan American Medical Doctors
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The MAMD problem is to select the best choice among the previously specified finite number of alternatives (Seel, & Dinter, 1995), with the alternatives evaluated based on their attributes.
According to The News, President of Pakistan Society, Dr Saleem Azam, whose organisation has been treating drug addicts since 1982, said that charas, marijuana, cannabis, "ecstasy" tablets and "dating drug or club drug" (MAMD) were being increasingly consumed by youths at an alarming level.
(77.) Rafiq MMD, Sufoora BMD, Masoodi MAMD. Coverage evaluation survey of immunization programme in hilly and plain area of field practice area of government medical college, Srinagar.
(10) The basic Burushaski word for 'lamb' is mamusi, derived by Berger < mamd 'milk' + se- 'to eat' (L 253) (B 277), clearly an independent innovation.
This project, aimed at complex development of the selected rural community, for implementation of which this year Orange Foundation has invested 52 MAMD, is already the second suchlike: the first One village project was implemented in Hartavan village of Aragatsotn region in 2014.
Mama, Mom, Mamd, Mereleh/Mary, Lucile, Carmen, Helene/ Eleni/Elaine/Melena might be appalled, but the words go on without them.
Verdu, quien intervino en Y tu mamd tambien, de Alfonso Cuaron, detalla: