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MAMILMiddle-Aged Men in Lycra
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Camcontrol General Department director Sin Sidet told The Post on Wednesday that the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) of Singapore discovered cronobacter sakazakii in the samples of the Dumex Mamil Gold Infant Milk Formula-Step 1.
While the elite riders might have finished before you've had time to pour your cornflakes, you may well spot teams of 'MAMILS' working their way past some of Dubai's most famous landmarks.
Er mai i gadw'n iach ac i safon isel dw i'n beicio, mae arwyddion o salwch y MAMIL (middle-aged man in lycra) yn dechre dod yn amlwg.
According to one operator, the 'Mamil' (middle aged men in lycra) is not a phenomenon limited to the UK.
But be warned, this leads to the inevitable MAMIL scene - that's 'middle-aged men in lycra' to the uninitiated.
Also among the 1,000 new entries is "duckface", the pouting lip-thrusting face pulled by people posing for photographs, and MAMIL, an acronym for "middle-aged man in lycra" sparked by the increasing popularity of sport cycling.
"Folks laugh at the 'Mamil' acronym," says Jim Hardie, of Apex Sports Management, "but the truth is, grey-haired guys who are into cycling tend to be better-off, middle-class blokes with plenty of disposable income.
WHETHER you are a weekend MAMIL (Middle-aged man in Lycra), young or elderly, doing it for leisure or as a means of transport to work, cycling seems to have had an explosion of popularity recently.
Mamil Ahmed told the court his attackers only left when someone said they thought he was dead.
The show, set in Melbourne, Australia, explores closed worlds-undertakers, models, escorts and even bicyclist enthusiasts nicknamed Mamils (middle-aged man in Lycra).