MAMILMiddle-Aged Men in Lycra
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Middle-aged |men can now take pride in being called MAMILs Middle-aged |men can now take pride in being called MAMILs
Key themes include MAMILs as a new demographic in North America, while in Europe peer-to-peer dining websites are in demand offering more authentic travel experiences.
They all want to be Wiggo and that's why this new breed known as Mamils - Middle-aged Men in Lycra - now see Majorca as their very own Mecca.
Thanks are due to Chris Hoy for calling out MAMILs (Middle-Aged Men In Lycra, for the uninitiated).
uk The relentless rise of the MAMILs A FIFTH of middle-aged men can now aptly be described as MAMILs (that's 'middle-aged man in Lycra', if you're unfamiliar).
Every weekend, it's not hard to miss the ever increasing number of mamils - middle-aged men (and women) in Lycra - clocking up the miles.
Robinksg Lots of MAMILs here on Gwernymynydd Hill today
Also, with an estimated 40% rise in MAMILs (middle-aged men in Lycra) over the past two years, and 31% of MAMILs inspiring their family to join them on their cycling expeditions, you'll have plenty of loud and proud mates to share the roads with.
A GROWING army of MAMILs ensured a wheelie good three months for bike chain Halfords.
It has highlighted the rise of Mamils - Middle Aged Men in Lycra - which is particularly prominent in the US.