MAMJMarch April May June (North Pacific growing season)
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According to ERSSTv4, 2017 MAMJ WEP and WNP SST values were the second warmest or warmest on record.
1) indicate that EA MAMJ droughts are associated with warm WNP/WEP SST and stronger Walker circulation anomalies.
(d),(e) Dry season composites of MAMJ SST and Reanalysis I 200-hPa heights.
Three distinct seasons are recognized in Bangladesh: the premonsoon or summer season (MAMJ), the monsoon/rainy season (JASO), and the postmonsoon or winter season (NDJF) [38].
In summer (MAMJ), the PCI values showed a moderate precipitation distribution, with the north-west and south to south-east regions showing a highly moderate distribution (Figures 5(d)-5(f)).
Differentiation was observed for MAMJ in all decades except 2000-2011.
Caption: Figure 3: (a) Annual; (b, c) supraseasonal (b = JJ, c = JD); (d-f) seasonal (d = NDJF, e = MAMJ, f = JASO); (g-j) three months (g = JFM, h = AMJ, i = JAS, j = OND).