MAMMModified Antarctic Mapping Mission (US NASA and Canadian Space Agency)
MAMMMulti-Media Asset Management
MAMMModern Art Music Movement (international coalition)
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Como indica Juliana Restrepo, directora del MAMM, "el arte es un colonizador de areas marginales por excelencia, y el MAMM es parte de la transformacion de un area que continuara los proximos 10 anos".
Art is the colonizer of depressed areas par excellence, and MAMM is part of an area transformation that will be going on for the next 10 years," said Juliana Restrepo, MAMM director.
I notice that I seem to mention ideas, thoughts, movies, quotes with the 'carpe diem' theme a lot," Kim wrote in the MAMM article.
Later, in 1999, I profiled her for MAMM, a magazine dedicated to raising awareness and finding a cure for breast cancer.
First, automating mission planning for this mission enabled a reduction in effort to generate mission plans from 52 work weeks for the first Antarctic Mapping Mission in 1997 to 8 work weeks for MAMM, which was a more complex mission.
There are roughly hundreds of websites devoted to it, not to mention newsletters, support groups, a whole genre of first-person breast-cancer books; even a glossy, upper-middle-brow, monthly magazine, Mamm.
Rochman is editor at large for HIV Plus and a contributing editor at Mamm.
That story centered on a feature article on the abortion/breast cancer link in the March issue of MAMM magazine, a very prominent lay publication in the breast cancer world.
Thinking of this made me nostalgic for the stories sent back by such career correspondents as Bill Touhy, Don Cook, Keys Beech and Henry Mamm, all reporters who could convey the tragedy of wartorn countries without being personally destroyed by the assignments.
Now the twins have told me I have to be like 'Skinny Milinky' as they don't want me to go to heaven like mamm y.
We also compare the automated planning process that was used for MAMM to the manual planning process that was used for its precursor mission, the first RADARSAT Antarctic Mapping Mission (AMM-1).
35 Bill Barrett Corporation's Field Details, MAMM CREEK (BARRETT CORPORATION- BILL) 40