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Mamma, however, is only going to bring Mary and Gus and Fred and Adelaide abroad with her; the others will remain at Kingscote until February (about the 3d), when they will go to Eastbourne for a month with Miss Turnover, the new governess, who has turned out such a very nice person.
When it began to be talked about that Georgina should be taken abroad, mamma wrote to me that I had better stop in Paris for a month with Harold, so that she could pick me up on their way to Hyeres.
de Chagny," exclaimed Mamma Valerius, "don't you know our Christine?
"Mamma!" the girl broke in promptly, while a deep blush mantled to her eyes.
"There, mamma," said Kitty; "you wonder that I'm enthusiastic about her."
I only meant that, after the decided stand Mamma took about its being Ellen's duty to go back to her husband, it seems strange that she should be seized with this sudden whim to see her, when there are half a dozen other grandchildren that she might have asked for.
'Come and kiss dear mamma; and then won't you show Miss Grey your schoolroom, and your nice new books?'
Mamma will see how very beautiful she is; but papa will say, 'Tush!
"Nay, Mamma, if he is not to be animated by Cowper!-- but we must allow for difference of taste.
But by-and-by, when the teething worry was over and the idols went to sleep at proper hours, leaving Mamma time to rest, she began to miss John, and find her workbasket dull company, when he was not sitting opposite in his old dressing gown, comfortably scorching his slippers on the fender.
"I think, dear, we are wanting in respect to mamma's memory, to put them by and take no notice of them.
And all will come right and she won't say anything to Mamma. Nicholas will tell her himself, and he doesn't care at all for Julie."