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MAMUMissouri Association of Municipal Utilities
MAMUMe and My Uncle (song)
MAMUMobile Ambient Air Monitoring Unit
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Champion bowler Bong Coo and Cathy Solis are regular clients who delight in her empanadas and mini siopaos (her mini siopaos are an everyday feature in Mamu's Kitchenette).
The duo are currently on a fundraising trip in the U.S for Indus Hospital; during this time, the actor took to Instagram to praise his mentor whom he lovingly calls "Anwar Mamu".
The Mamu field is located in the county of Valcha, about 200 km from the Bulgarian border.
Noor Hassan (Raja's mamu) plays an important role as his pep talk makes Raja determined to fight for his love and to not give up.
Muhsin, commonly known by his social media name 'Mamu Parpu', has appealed for funds through his social media accounts to pay for the legal fees in his application.
Other entries in the festival include Keith Deligero's "A Short History of a Few Bad Things," Raynier Brizuela's "Asuang," Joseph Abello's "Double Twisting Double Back," Whammy Alcazaren's "Never Tear Us Apart," Bobby Bonifacio's "Hospicio," Rod Singh's "Mamu: And a Mother Too," Carl Papa's "Paglisan" and John Lapus' "Pang-MMK." Cinema One Originals is under the festival partnership program of the Film Development Council Of The Philippines (FDCP).
His acrylic paintings on canvas are typically devoted to depicting Pitjantjatjara Mamu: malevolent spirits appearing in traditional stories told in an attempt to keep children away from dangerous places.
Pamela called Nehru 'mamu' (uncle) for some months, but then reverted to the commonly used title of Panditji because she thought it sounded less presumptuous.
One song (mentioned below) narrates that mamu will buy rocker for the child and mamee (mamu wife) will rock him slowly with love.
Those who have visited the Western Desert or are familiar with Western Desert tjukurrpa will recognise the warnapa, or feather-foot men, and relate to the chapter on 'Aboriginal nights' capturing the fear of the oppressive dark of desert nights permeated by mamu or nyirurru (devils, evil spirits or ghosts).
Last year, San Diego embraced several significant initiatives and partnered with Susan Sarandon and filmmaker Thomas Morgan ("Waiting for Mamu") of Reframed Pictures on the Social Justice Initiative.