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MAMUMissouri Association of Municipal Utilities
MAMUMe and My Uncle (song)
MAMUMobile Ambient Air Monitoring Unit
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The main sources of water were all flooded, it's dirty and brown and people can't drink that water," Mamu said.
The roads from Awori Jeje, Ipakodo, Alebiosu, Erilawo, Abata, Ojokodo etc, which were at a deplorable state and causes a lot of havoc and hardship to the villagers, have been rehabilitated to link access road to Mamu market where goods and farm products are being sold.
These basal units are overlain successively by the coal measures of the Mamu Formation (Lower Coal Measures), the Ajali Sandstone (Middle Coal Measures) and the Nsukka Formations (Upper Coal Measures).
Prenatalinis svietimas turi itakos mamu zinioms, elgsenai bei rezultatams tiek nestumo laikotarpiu, tiek po gimdymo (Yu-hua 2011), zindymui (Mitchell-Box, Braun 2012; Olenick 2010; Walker, Worrell 2008).
Police officials said that the deceased identified as Shakeel aka Mamu, was sitting in front his house when two men riding on a motorcycle targeted him.
Et vers la fin de mon terrain, des membres du Conseil de bande et de l'Assemblee Mamu Pakatatau Mamit m'ont demande d'entreprendre une recherche ethnohistorique sur l'ancienne mission catholique de Musquaro situee un peu a l'ouest d'Unamen Shipu (Gagnon 2000).
Take the case of Mamu Begum, a dairy farmer in Assam's Borholla District.
Imran speaks about mamu Aamir Khan who is the producer & also about Reena (Aamir's ex-wife) who is the song director of the film.
Separately, a number of suspects were apprehended in Mamu Kalay of Shinkai district in Zabul province.
This cycle also marked the deposition of the coal measures including: the Mamu Formation, Ajali sandstones and Nsukka Formation.
The second pair, discovered by Mallowan in 1956, came from the Mamu temple.