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MAMoMaoli Arts Month (Hawaii)
MAMoMultiparameter Alternant Molecular Orbital
MAMoMicrosomal Alkylglycerol Mono-Oxygenase
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If you need time off, take it Mamo said: "It's up to each employee to decide when mental or physical health prevents them from carrying out their job and warrants asking to take time off sick.
A delegation, comprising Ethiopia's minister Shibru Mamo Kedida and Ambassador Mesganu Arga Moach in Doha, called on Barwa Group acting CEO Ahmad Abdullah al-Abdulla.
La isla Mamo se encuentra en la margen izquierda del rio Orinoco, entre 8o 19' 00" y 8o 22' 44"de latitud norte y entre 63o 8' 30" y 63o 3' 20" de longitud oeste, y pertenece al municipio Independencia del estado Anzoategui, frente al poblado de Las Galderas (Figura 1).
Professor Tekalign Mamo Assefa is the winner of the Yaro Prize 2014.
Mamo is a man on a mission, and that mission is to hold one last concert in his home country, Kurdistan.
Hence, Measuring Time is the story of Mamo and LaMamo, a set of twin brothers whose mother dies after giving birth to them.
Mamo said eventually he would like to see the program grow to $500 million and be available around the country.
The director of the national team, John Mamo, regretted the return of the Lebanese team in this way, without being able to participate in the Asian championship.
On to tonight's meeting, I recommended Mamo as a banker in the first leg of the jackpot last Saturday night and she couldn't have been more impressive, despite a slow start, and as the jackpot wasn't won (over PS11k now) I suggest you do exactly the same again this week in race 3, 8:15pm.
A drinking water scheme has completed in Mamo Kor village of Pindiali Tehsil by excavating 106 meter deep tube well and constructing a storage tank and a pump house.
After months of trying to get a permit and rounding up his 10 sons, Kako immediately gets hold of a school bus and sets about rounding up his father, Mamo, and many brothers.