MANAPMetropolitan Area Network for Antwerp (communication services; Antwerp, Germany)
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[9] Naiya, Ismaeel Ibrahim and Turkhan Ali Abdul Manap. "Structural Transformation, Poverty and Inequality in Nigeria: An ARDL Bound Testing Technique." International Journal of Economics and Finance 5.4 (2013): 141-152.
said based on their investigation, Manap underwent basic weapons training and was part of the MILF's armed unit.
Manap was identified as an MILF member through an ID card but he said he was no longer with the group.
Manap, "Mathematical modeling for longitudinal displacement of a straight continuously welded railway track and its numerical implementation," Key Engineering Materials, vol.
They must be aware that all Members of Parliament should not be made to look stupid in the eyes of the public." More recently, in the 2013 budget debates concerning the Ministry of National Development, Lee Bee Wah, Teo Ho Pin, and Muhamad Faisal bin Abdul Manap all raised specific examples from their respective MPS to urge the Ministry of National Development to reconsider its policies on resale levies for public housing and rental flats ("Singapore Parliament Reports" 2013).
Nevertheless, this argument was extremely criticized due to improper econometric technique that generated spurious correlation and misleading outcomes (Ghatak and Price, 1997; Moosa, 1999; Shirazi and Manap, 2004; Keong et al., 2005).
The Osh Regional Court considered the case against Manap K., 41, who is charged with illegal manufacture, acquisition, storage, transportation, transfer with intent to sell, as well as illegal manufacture or sale of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances, their analogues or precursors under the Article 247 of the Criminal Code.
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Penan dain JU[??] betelu Lebo' Vo' silon fo[??] telo Uma' Pawe silun su[??] atok Lepo' Tau silon co[??] atok Lepo' Gah silon co[??] atok English five fly flying lemur PMP *lima *Rebek -- PNS *lima -- PKEN *lema *madan *kubun Sebop lemah manap kabun E.
Shirazi and Manap (2005) analysed imports, exports and GDP data of Pakistan for the period 1960-2003.
On the same occasion, two Indonesian coral reef activists, Nyoman Sugiarta and Abdul Manap were named the winners of CORAL Conservation Prizes for their significant roles in saving and conserving coral reefs.