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Three multiplex PCR assays targeting a total of 11 Brucella virulence-associated genes were designed as follows: multiplex 1 containing c[beta]g, omp31, wbkA, virB, and znuA; multiplex 2 containing manA, manB, mviN, andomp25; and multiplex 3 containing ure and bvfA primer pairs.
Ten of the virulence genes, namely c[beta]g, virB, znuA, ure, omp25, omp31, wbkA, mviN, manA, and manB (figures 2 and 3), were detected among all of the 57 isolates, but the bvf gene was detected in 53(93%) isolates (figure 3).
wbkA and manB are involved in the lipopolysaccharide synthesis and were found in all the isolates.
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