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MANCMancando (Music, Dying Away, Decreasing)
MANCMid-America Nazarene College (est. 1966; Kansas)
MANCMid-Atlantic Nutrition Conference (formerly Maryland Nutrition Conference)
MANCModified Adaptive Noise Cancellation (biomedical engineering)
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I think Mancs are more miserable than us because we're better than them.
I told you in a previous verse Well I've kept on watching "Corrie" And I've found somebody worse This guy has it in for everyone He stands there spouting his views Behind the counter of the newly built Kabin Selling sweets and the Mancs Evening News His business partner is Rita She only serves when there's a bit of a rush He is so much in love with his girlfriend Mary, who is daft as a brush Oh Norris you are an old gossip A disgrace to the nice name of Cole Lovely people like Cheryl and Old King And Joe, who's now in a leftside midfield role Still I'm glad that the tram didn't get you Glad that you weren't written out Cos on reflection you look something like me Glasses - small - grumpy and short by Bobby Clinton, Anfield
And there's like 25,000 Mancs in that room and I'm stood next to a geezer jumping on a chair while Ricky was on the deck.
The proudest record in England we hold With a backbone of Scousers who play so bold Proudly playing in the red and white On the Anfield turf a wonderful sight So with another season about to start Let's get behind the boys and give them heart Beat the Mancs (again) and Chelsea whip Liverpool FC for the Premiership
Almost 400 homes in Bolton, Greater Mancs suffered the power surge.
Give him a run out against the Mancs on Sunday if you have the bottle GH,as this could be the player who gets you out of jail.
Six trophies,including some of the best moments of our lives (Dortmund,Cardiff,beating the Mancs in a final),great European nights against the likes of Roma and Barcelona.
After my comments in last week's column his arrival would have tipped the balance too much in the favour of the moneybags Mancs to be healthy for football.
CONGRATS to our favourite gobby Mancs Oasis, who are heading for No1.