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MANCMancando (Music, Dying Away, Decreasing)
MANCMid-America Nazarene College (est. 1966; Kansas)
MANCMid-Atlantic Nutrition Conference (formerly Maryland Nutrition Conference)
MANCModified Adaptive Noise Cancellation (biomedical engineering)
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Tydi'r Manc, na'r rhieni eraill, ddim wedi gweld na chlywed Bendith, HMS Morris, Ani Glass, Candelas, Adwaith, (na'r grwp Ian Rush o'r Wyddgrug hyd yn oed?).
Under Manc Wood also presents a funeral director played by actor Daniel Thackeray, who feels compelled to sing when people die because "their death makes him money".
That was until Manc Sheikh arrived from a faraway place with more pocket money than rich Roman could ever imagine.
All those collaborations, plus his experiences on the Manc live circuit, have clearly fed into his wonderful, dynamic solo material.
JOHN COOPER CLARKE I Don't Want To Be Nice The Manc punk-poet at his cynical best with this classic hit from the late Seventies.
Mancini, dubbed Bobby Manc by adoring City fans, said: "At the moment I'm in a hotel, but I want to get an apartment - I love living in city centres and Manchester is much better than how people described it."
At least one sending off (hopefully a Manc) is a dead cert.
(KAS617) BARRY STEINBERG, CEO of MANCHESTER EQUIPMENT COMPANY INC (MANC), describes the company's business and its background; prospects for the industry, with positive and negative trends; competitive threats; strategic opportunities for the firm including its marketing plans and acquisition potential; management strength and organization; and the financial prospects of the firm looking forward.
This is what readers said on our Facebook page: Why is it Manc Airport get away with daylight robbery - drop off fees and now this.
He said: "The Brynn Hollister Collection is a trilogy of books focusing on a private eye working in postapocalyptic Manchester - think Raymond Chandler meets Blade Runner with a Manc twang.
Arms outstretched, he gave snappers a taste of the old Manc swagger that was the hallmark of his Nineties Oasis fame after blowing five grand in typical rock star fashion on a single bottle of bubbly.
"And even though I'm French I feel like I'm kind of a Manc. I can even understand the accent."