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Chorus: Nu stiu/Pe care s-o impac./Nevasta si amanta/viata mi-a mancat.
* Ar trebui sa fiu mai in varsta, dar ea mi-a mancat niste ani.
He attended what used to be the Manchester College of Arts and Technology (MANCAT), specialises in R&B and hip hop but plays a wide range of music.
Sotul a venit acasa, a mancat in 4 minute mancarea pe care o gatisem toata dupa amiaza, am facut dragoste 3 minute si apoi a adormit in doua minute.
Manchester college MANCAT trained the nine first-time NHS staff in essential skills such as first aid, IT, communication and customer care.
Centres include CyberSkills MANCAT at Openshaw campus in Manchester (0500 500 058), Reading College and School of Arts and Technology (0118 967 5020) and London's Lewisham College (0181 692 0353).
(Not that we're suggesting Petrescu has put on weight) In Romanian: Cine ra mancat toate placintele?
Am mancat cata piriguse dintr-un pirigus copt si m-am simtit cam rau.