MANFISModified Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System (microwave theory)
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Steps to MANFIS. MANFIS consists of five layers, the first input layer is known as adaptive layer which takes six inputs such as the first three relative natural frequencies with their relative mode shape difference.
Anumber of ANFIS systems group together to form MANFIS. The controller of ANFIS is employed for designing the controller of MANFIS.
The following logistic systems are prepared for MANFIS controller.
The MANFIS architectures are presented in Figures 6 and 7.
Results and Discussions of MANFIS. The following discussions can be made from the analysis of the results of the multiple adaptive neurofuzzy inference system to predict the relative crack locations and relative crack depths.
This is an important outcome of the numerical and experimental analysis which is used as a baseline for formulation of a multiple crack diagnostic tool using MANFIS technique.
The vibration signatures obtained from the theoretical and experimental analysis are used to design the MANFIS for hybrid technique.
Based on the results from the MANFIS technique, the following conclusions are drawn for multiple crack diagnosis in the steel shaft.