MANFORManpower Force Packaging System (US DoD)
MANFORManpower Force Requirement
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I want to take all that into my international career and be the main manfor Wales, just like Rushie was for so many years.
One possible answer and this is only speculation, was that the government was not prepared to enforce its contractual agreement between Repap, when Manfor - a Crown corporation - was sold to Repap.
On May 4, 1989, Repap Enterprises, a Canadian company with headquarters in Montreal, acquired the former Manfor Ltd.
While Beverley insists Liz doesn't really want to get back with her ex, she does think having him around has made the landlady realise Vernon just isn't the right manfor her-he's too safe.
Youhana (12) played some confident strokes, but also became reckless and sent a short ball from Nantie Hayward to Neil McKenzie at third manfor an easy catch.
Three reasons: Wawanesa Mutual Insurance Company, Manfor Ltd.