MANIPMinority Aging Network in Psychology
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The latter consisted of manip ulated footage of the artist's body as he slowly moved around in the restrictive, blue-lit confines of the gallery's underground boiler room.
In addition to manip ulating the chemical composition and odor release rate of the plume, we allowed flow speed to vary naturally with the tide.
MPs are very different, inasmuch as their lives should contain no seedy secrets which immediately make them vulnerable to unscrupulous and criminal manip ulators.
Cath check Check if the catheter is in place Cath rem Catheter removal Cath exchg Exchanging the catheter Cath manip Manipulation of the catheter Throm F/U Thrombolytic therapy follow-up Cath place Catheter insertion Biopsy Diagnostic procedure Angio Diagnostic angiogram RFL Radiofrequency lesion G-tube G-tube placement Central line Catheter placement in jugular vein
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(3) Ruth Hubbard, Embryo and Gene Manip -ulation," Society 19:4 (1982), 47-50.
Jill Caldwell, MHSc (Hons), PGDip Sports Med, PGDip Health Sci (Manip) MNZCP
Abbreviated Journal Title 2002 IF 2003 IF 2004 IF 2005 IF 2006 IF J Ethnopharmacol 1.188 1.269 1.420 1.554 1.625 Altern Ther Health M 0.920 1.145 0.971 1.300 1.429 Forsch Komp Klas Nat 0.646 0.308 0.485 1.143 1.417 Complement Ther Med 1.507 1.194 1.317 1.362 1.279 J Altern Complem Med 1.261 0.979 1.401 1.051 1.104 J Manip Physiol Ther 1.041 0.950 0.786 0.758 0.918 Am J Chinese Med 0.738 0.627 0.593 0.743 0.710 Altex-Altern Tierexp 0.533 0.349 0.446 0.667 0.640 Acupuncture Electro 0.393 0.600 0.341 0.132 0.615 Explore--NY -- -- -- -- 0.520 Table 2 Summary of immediacy indices for integrative and complementary medicine journals in 2005 and 2006.
Patients with synovial pain were randomized to one of three treatments: (1) intra-articular/intrabursal corticosteroid injection (40 mg triamcinolone acetonide plus 9 mL lidocaine, 1 to 3 injections at randomization and repeated at 2 weeks) using a standard approach (INJ); (2) "classic" physiotherapy including exercise, massage, and "physical applications" twice a week (PT); and (3) manipulation and mobilization of the spine, shoulder, upper ribs, acromioclavicular joint, and glenohumeral joint once a week (MANIP).
Behavior Description Carry Father carries a young Cover Father sits over (warming/protecting) the young Lick Father licks a young Manip Father manipulates (unspecified) the young (all manipulative behaviors other than Carry, Cover, and Lick) Nest Father builds a nest Nulliparous F3 females were paired with a sexually mature male of the other strain.