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MANSMichigan Association of Non-Public Schools
MANSMulticultural Association of Nova Scotia (Canada)
MANSMaryland Association of Nursing Students
MANSMicrocosm Autonomous Navigation System
MANSMulti-Agency Narcotics Squad (est. 1989; Georgia)
MANSMetropolitan Area Narcotics Squad (Illinois)
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If in a thousand years even one man in a million could act freely, that is, as he chose, it is evident that one single free act of that man's in violation of the laws governing human action would destroy the possibility of the existence of any laws for the whole of humanity.
Know, O White Man, that it is because of thy kind, because of all white men, that my man and I have no meat in our old age and sit without tobacco in the cold.
It is right and beautiful in any man to say, 'I will take this coat, or this book, or this measure of corn of yours,'--in whom we see the act to be original, and to flow from the whole spirit and faith of him; for then that taking will have a giving as free and divine; but we are very easily disposed to resist the same generosity of speech when we miss originality and truth to character in it.
I never heard of him doing it, because no man would give him a chance.
A belated man in business clothes, and in haste to catch a car, bounced against her shoulder.
Now in this case the name of the species man' is applied to the individual, for we use the term 'man' in describing the individual; and the definition of 'man' will also be predicated of the individual man, for the individual man is both man and animal.
He would swoop noiselessly down with his seven canoes upon the single one of the white man, and before the guns of the latter could inflict much damage upon his people he would have overwhelmed the enemy by force of numbers.
For two weeks the man had eluded and exceeded pursuit.
As for the one, a man would praise her when he came to understand her; but the other is blameworthy: and they are wholly different in nature.
A shy man means a lonely man--a man cut off from all companionship, all sociability.
In England we almost always laugh when a man takes himself seriously at anything save sport.
the old man shouted after her, good-humoredly, and he went up to Levin.