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MANTISMultispectral Adaptive Networked Tactical Imaging System (US DoD; Arlington, VA)
MANTISManual, Alternative, and Natural Therapy Index System (database)
MANTISManufacturing Technology and Industrial Systems Task Force
MANTISMechanically Automated Neuro Transmitter Interactive System (sci-fi TV show)
MANTISWatkins Johnson Man Portable DF System
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Dr Ronny Rosner, from Newcastle University, highlighted: "Despite their tiny size, mantis brains contain a surprising number of neurons which seem specialised for 3D vision."
In addition to highlighting the unique hospitality experiences created by The Mantis Collection, Haley Findlay will showcase their philanthropic achievements in supporting conservation and the preservation of the world's ecosystem.
Mantis and Deagle were contacted by consultants hired by airport officials to find a vendor that was representative of the vibrant and eclectic food scene in Thunder Bay.
Safe to fly indoors and out, the Mantis Q is perfectly portable, weighs just one pound, and its foldable arms make it small enough to tuck in a bag.
"The mantis shrimp visual system seems entirely immune from any negative effects of rolling their eyes," she said in a statement.
But it is the eyes of the mantis shrimp that perhaps fascinate scientists the most.
The female praying mantis also spends her summer munching and molting.
Mantis represents a collection of award-winning, privately owned, managed and branded five-star properties and lodges located around the world - from boutique hotels, eco-lodges, game reserves and luxury houseboats to adventure tourism as well as a bespoke tour operating division.
The Mantis network features 28 managed properties, plus a global network of branded hotels and residences, including boutique villas and flagship properties such as Founders Lodge - a South African game reserve located in the Eastern Cape, Mantis St Helena - a boutique hotel on the island in the Atlantic Ocean, as well as the Draycott Hotel in London.
But the only known insect to also possess this ability is the praying mantis, a tiny critter whose brain has only a million or so neurons.