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MANTRAMan-made Textile Research Association (India)
MANTRAMovement and Action Network for Transformation of Rural Areas (Gram Vikas)
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Buenos Aires and Mexico City, the two main locations where the action of Mantra takes place, are no exception.
insists that a properly religious reading of these mantras requires thorough immersion in Srivaisnava commentarial traditions, and the bulk of the volume is taken up with summary and exposition of the prominent commentator Vedanta Desika (1268-1369).
Mantra delivered on this directive with a graphics package depicting a gradual approach to a massive concert stadium.
By aggressively seeking out new technologies and innovating solutions for a cleaner earth for everyone, Mantra intends to provide a highly profitable and environmentally responsible investment for its shareholders.
Ltd have a wealth of experience in environmental engineering, they have the resources and market exposure required to generate significant licensing revenue upon commercialization," said Larry Kristof, President and CEO of Mantra.
Lotus Mantra se expone actualmente en la Galeria Planta Alta, del Centro de Cultura Casa Lamm.
The mantra of my colleagues at public universities is, "We once were state supported, then we were merely state affiliated.
Resource Limitations: If you're keeping vigil over your burn rate (see Mantra #5 below), you won't have money to throw at every problem.
Rodrigo Fresan, Mantra, Mondadori, Madrid, 2002, 539 PP.
As viewers of Seinfeld may recall, when the world became too much For Frank Costanza, he would repeat the mantra "Serenity Now.