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MANWEBMerseyside and North Wales Electricity Board
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Two: Burscough v Newburgh' Haydock v Halsall West End' Manweb v St Mary's College OB' Moorfield v Old Xaverians' Merseyside Commonwealth v Charnock Richard' White-field v Cheshire Lines.
Div Two: Charnock Richard v Merseyside Commonwealth, Cheshire Lines v Whitefield, Halsall West End v Haydock, Newburgh v Burscough, Old Xaverians v Moorfield, St Mary's College OB v Manweb. Merseyside Competition Div One: Alder v Prescot & Odyssey, Manweb v Tranmere Vics, Moorfield v Sutton, Mossley Hill v Caldy, Rainhill v Parkfield Liscard, Wavertree v Birkenhead St Mary's.
Div.Two:- Burscough v Cheshire Lines' Haydock v Charnock Richard' Manweb v Newburgh' Moorfield v Halsall West End' St Mary's College OB v Old Xaverians' Whitefield v Merseyside Commonwealth.
Two : Burscough v Charnock Richard' Haydock v Whitefield' Manweb v Halsall West End' Moorfield v Cheshire Lines' Old Xaverians v Merseyside Commonwealth' St Mary's College OB v Newburgh.
Div.Two: Halsall West End v Cheshire Lines' Manweb v Burscough' Moorfield v Merseyside Commonwealth' Newburgh v Charnock Richard' Old Xaverians v White-field' St Mary's College OB v Haydock.
SCORES: Birkenhead St Mary's 193-6 Prescot & Odyssey 142, Wavertree 291-5, Mossley Hill 127, Alder 95 Sutton 87, Merseyside Commonwealth 172, Manweb 229-7, Tranmere Vics 72 Whitefield 109.
Division Two: Burscough v Haydock, Manweb v Charnock Richard, Moorfield v Whitefield, Newburgh v Merseyside Commonwealth, Old Xaverians v Halsall West End, St Mary's College OB v Cheshire Lines.
Div 2: Cheshire Lines v Charnock Richard' Halsall West End v Whitefield' Manweb v Merseyside Commonwealth' Newburgh v Haydock' Old Xaverians v Burscough' St Mary's College OB v Moorfield.
SCORES: Merseyside Competition Div One: Manweb 139 (M Johnes 4-44), Rainhill 141-3 (G Pink 77no)' Moorfield 146-9dec, Alder 142' Parkfield Liscard 208 (M Pickthall 66, S.Lewis 64, S Rooy-den 5-32), Caldy 209-8 (M Stone 53, P Farrell 47)' Prescot & Odyssey 120-9dec, Mossley Hill 123-5' Tranmere Vics 79-3, Birkenhead St Mary's 78 (A Smith 4-8).
In February 2013 the Wayleave Inspector stated it was his intention to rule in favour of SP Manweb although in July that year the Secretary of State said he was 'minded' to overrule his inspector.
Eifion Bibby of DMPC said: "SP Manweb has agreements in place with four of the wind farm developers to provide them with a connection to the electricity network.
Division Two: Goodlass v Manweb; Singlehurst v Bromborough; Mossley Hill v St Mary's College OB.