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MAOMove as One
MAOMain Astronomical Observatory (Ukraine)
MAOMed Andra Ord
MAOMiss America Organization
MAOMedicare Advantage Organization (insurance)
MAOMid-Atlantic Ocean
MAOMono Amine Oxidase
MAOMedical Administrative Officer
MAOMid America Oireachtas (Irish dance)
MAOMaximum Allowable Offer (real estate)
MAOMethyl Aluminoxane
MAOManaus, Amazonas, Brazil - Eduardo Gomes (Airport Code)
MAOMy Arrogant Opinion
MAOMaximum Allowable Outage
MAOMiddelbaar Agrarisch Onderwijs
MAOMajor Attack Option
MAOMailing Address Only
MAOModified Audit Opinion
MAOManeuver Affairs Officer
MAOMotivation Ability Opportunity (consumer behavior)
MAOMultiple Acronym Overload
MAOManagerial Accounting Office
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Dong For example, Mao Xianshu, the author of "Mao taibao gong zhuan", was from Qian-tang, and Mao Qiling the author of "Mao zongshu muzhi min" was from Xiaoshan alit.
The government is not as upright as Chairman Mao, so they are afraid, they are all corrupt," he added.
Barme's essay asks, "Was Mao the last Chinese autocrat?
The morphology and microstructure of the MAO coatings were investigated by scanning electron microscopy (SEM, EVO-18 ZEISS and S-3400N Hitachi).
In their art classes, young students drew pictures of the victorious defeat of Madame Mao and her bad friends.
Mao urged domestic airlines to expand their plane fleets actively to accommodate the surge in travelers resulting from the expansion of air rights last year, including mutual sky opening with Japan, the inauguration of Songshan-Gimpo (South Korea) Airport flight, and increased flights for Hong Kong, as well as increased cross-Strait flights.
And, with the passage of time, as the KMT's hold weakened, the CCP under a charismatic Mao began to grow from strength to strength.
The judge gave Mao 12 years for manslaughter, four-and-ahalf years for false imprisonment and two years for wounding.
We want to show that Mao Nagas have progressed well and the program gives a good opportunity to get closer to people," said Kapani, Vice President, Mao Students Union Delhi.
Kissinger notes, but does not dwell on, the human cost of Mao's Great Leap Forward and Cultural Revolution, Mao causing casualties on the order of the other great killers of our time, Hitler and Stalin.
Pour Rebecca Karl, Mao est avant tout un revolutionnaire dont il faut prendre l'ideologie au serieux.
What Mao wanted to do was one thing but how Chinese felt about what he wanted to do to them is another matter altogether.