MAODMaximal Accumulated Oxygen Deficit (sports medicine)
MAODMetres Above Ordnance Datum (UK)
MAODMesenteric Arterial Occlusive Disease
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The main finding in the present study is the non-significant correlation between MAOD and W' (when determined by two linear models in soccer players).
However, the lack of a significant correlation between W' and MAOD adds to the contradictions reported in the literature regarding the associations between these two variables, and even questions the validity of W' as an index of anaerobic capacity (3,26).
The first is related to the limitation of the MAOD values as an anaerobic capacity parameter.
However, W' is not associated with MAOD in professional soccer players and, therefore, does not appear to be an index of anaerobic capacity.
Reliability of MAOD measured at 110% and 120% of peak oxygen uptake for cycling.
However, there were no significant correlations between the W's and MAOD in either an absolute (3.
The correlations between parameters from the RAST and MAOD were analyzed by means of the product-moment correlation test using a significance level of 5% (P<0.
Thus, it was possible to determine the MAOD value that is shown in the Table 1.
The main findings of this study were the weak and non-significant correlations between the RAST and MAOD, including the mean power and fatigue index, which are associated with indices of anaerobic capacity (9,22).
22) reported using the cycle ergometer when WAnT showed that the MP had significant correlations with MAOD (i.
In this sense, the same as in WAnt, two hypotheses can be proposed for the lack of correlation between the MP and FI from RAST and MAOD.
75 secs, similar to WAnt) was probably insufficient for a significant depletion of the anaerobic supplies, which likely had an influence on the correlation between the variables from this methodology and MAOD.