MAODMaximal Accumulated Oxygen Deficit (sports medicine)
MAODMetres Above Ordnance Datum (UK)
MAODMesenteric Arterial Occlusive Disease
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The six features are extracted to quantify the anterior chamber; the anterior chamber assessment parameters are mAOD, [], the mean curvature of the iris [H.sub.iris], and shape descriptors FD, Tj, and Ej.
(7) mean of the continuous measurement of the angle opening distance: mAOD;
Recently, an alternative method was proposed to estimate the anaerobic components of the MAOD (9), based on evidence that the resynthesis of high-energy phosphate stores and the glycolytic energy cost can be assessed by the fast component of excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (10-13) and the blood lactate accumulation [([La.sup.-])] [O.sub.2] equivalent (14).
Maximal accumulated oxygen deficit (MAOD) proposed by Medbo and colleagues (18) is considered the gold standard test for anaerobic capacity.
The 30 nurses are employed by PHC services, which include Maod, Pacific, union health and youth health providers, from the East Coast to Christchurch.
(2010) Predicting MAOD using only a supramaximal exhaustive test.
Currently, the maximum accumulated oxygen deficit (MAOD) is considered the gold standard to estimate anaerobic capacity (15).
This enables them to practise in a manner based not only on Maori cultural values and practices, but one that equips them to understand an holistic and spiritual perspective of health and well-being of Maod people, whanau and communities.
These findings were reinforced in a recent study by Zagatto and Gobatto (2012) where no significant correlation was found between W' from a critical frequency test with the maximal accumulated oxygen deficit (MAOD), which is considered the gold standard test when assessing anaerobic capacity.
I meet with Maod nurses who work in the public, private, and iwi provider sectors on a regular basis and address their concerns in a timely and appropriate manner.
Various approaches researchers have been used including the maximal accumulated oxygen deficit (MAOD) (Hill and Smith, 1993), the Wingate cycle ergometer test (Beneke et al., 2002), the Wingate arm ergometer test (Hawley and Williams, 1991), and tethered swimming (Papoti et al., 2003; 2007) to determine the anaerobic capacity.
Their experience of visiting 15 marae in the area has shown now necessary it is for health professionals to have a Maod world view and facility in te reo.