MAOFMexican American Opportunity Foundation
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MAOF also serves approximately 8,000 California children each day.
and Sacramento, as well as on the recent launchings of the financial literacy program in Nevada and the MAOF Computer Clubhouse in Walnut Park.
In April, MAOF opened its newest preschool, The Cesar Chavez Preschool, which cares for 176 children of Delano's migrant and low-income families.
We are helping to build a "new Latino middle-class," said Martin Castro, MAOF President and CEO.
MAOF is one of the largest Latino nonprofit organizations in the United States and established its networking and professional development event to ensure Latinas had access to job opportunities in corporate America.
Today, the MAOF is the largest Latino-based, community-orientated, non-profit organization in the United States.
Today, the MAOF is the nation's largest Hispanic-serving nonprofit organization - topping the annual Hispanic Business Top 25 Hispanic Nonprofits list, also featured in the May issue.
More than 40 years after the founding of the MAOF, the challenges of fighting stereotypes and gaining access to the workplace persist.