MAOLMatemaattisten Aineiden Opettajien Liitto (Finnish)
MAOLMouvement Algérien des Officiers Libres (Algeria)
MAOLMaximum Any One Life (insurance)
MAOLMasters of Arts in Organizational Leadership
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The first pharmacologic therapies for the treatment of depression were MAOls introduced in the mid-1950s (Keller, 2003; Pacher & Kecskemeti, 2004).
Most antidepressants increase serotonin availability through various mechanisms, thus the use of such agents in combination with MAOls is contraindicated because excessive serotonin could be induced in the synapse, a condition called serotonin syndrome (Gumnick & Nemeroff, 2000).
Cats are at risk if they come into contact with topical products, and even owners who are taking MAOls themselves may run into problems using these products on their dogs.
However, for TRD patients who have not responded to SSRIs or SNRIs, the effectiveness of MAOls compared with other strategies is unclear.