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Since the 1990s, the Japanese unit has been known for the production of single tracks as well as whole albums from popular Japanese artists, including fripSide, Nanjo Yoshino, Yanagi Nagi, Kurosaki Maon, Urashimasakatasen, Gero, KOTOKO, Nagareda Project and Luce Twinkle Wink.
This new scenario seems to be leading firms to integrate social concerns into their strategic planning, for visibility and reputational reasons, or also as a way to legitimize their social actions (Cochran, 2007; Reast, Maon, Lindgreen, & Vanhamme, 2013; Tilling & Tilt, 2010).
As a result, an increasing number of organisations have recognised the significance of engaging in CSR initiatives, with many supporting and conducting social and environmental programs, developing ethical codes of conduct, working in partnership with societal groups, and attempting to integrate values and ethical considerations into their organisational cultures (Maon, Lindgreen & Swaen 2010; Pohl 2006).
But there is a coda: Paul Schmidgall and Ruth Kark conclude this collection with a sociological study of the settlements created in the 1960s and early 1970s by two separate German pietistic groups, the Emma Berger Society (Bethel) and Maon Issachar (Freie Christenge-meinde Schorndorf) in the small town of Sichron Yaa-kov south of Haifa.
The articles by Gass deal with critical and historical questions concerning peoples who appear in Judges: Amalekites, Kenites, the locale Maon and the Meuintes, Midianites, and the standard Deuteronomistic catalog of seven peoples, with special attention given to Perizzites, Hivites, and Jebusites.
167 T: (ap ne maon ko nahi suna "chup ker k betho ab eik lagaongi" aur baccah bheen bheen ker raha hai (h) aur laga bhi nahirahi aur kahey bhi ja rahi ham "chup ker k betho eik lagaongi") have you heard the mothers saying "be quite or I'll slap you" and the child is crying bitterly.