MAOPMaster of Arts in Organizational Psychology (various universities)
MAOPMaximum Allowable Operating Pressure
MAOPMid-Atlantic Association of Oracle Professionals
MAOPMid Atlantic Oncology Program
MAOPMaryland Association of Osteopathic Physicians
MAOPMaster Air Operations Planner
MAOPMeharry Association of Office Personnel
MAOPManagers' Annual Operating Plan
MAOPMilitary Assistance Officer Program (US DoD)
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In addition to the new MAOP and material verification requirements, the proposed rule creates a first-time testing program forgathering lines eight inches in diameter and greater with steel lines which have an MAOP that is equal to or greater than 20 percent Specified Minimum Yield Strength (SMYS), or non-metallic lines which have an MAOP greater than 125 psig.
The use and appearance of the MAOP is similar to that of traditional phoropters, except the clinician does not need to perform any of the manual steps.
In addition, Clock Spring products were installed over several pipe diameters with increased D/t ratios (96) and gouged depths (30% and 50% of the wall) with repairs applied at 0%, 50%, and 90% MAOP were cycled to prove acceptable fatigue of over 250,000 cycles.
Before setting up a production line for performing MAOP validation, you must be honest and recognize that you are going to find issues.
Eric Amundsen, vice president, technical services, Energy Transfer Partners, says, "The rule addressing MAOP and grandfathered pipe will be very significant.
Maximum Allowable Operating Pressure (MAOP) Validation: PG&E completed MAOP validation for gas transmission pipelines running through high-consequence, populated areas.
The requirement that a hydrostatic "spike" test be used to verily MAOP pipelines constructed before 1970 or which have experienced a reportable in-service incident has most companies up in arms.
Tenders are invited for The Project involves the relocation and installation of 850 LF of 12", coated steel pipeline with a Maximum Allowable Operating Pressure ( MAOP ) of 250 psig.
Then a second report must be completed by July 3, 2013, telling the PHMSA where verification records are insufficient to confirm the established MAOP of a given segment, and where MAOP "exceeds the build-up allowed for operation of pressure-limiting or control devices .
Asked to highlight a couple of the most objectionable provisions, Erin Kurilla, AGA director, Operations & Engineering Services, cited the MAOP and materials verification aspects of the proposed rule, both of which would be new requirements.
Buiil goes further by saying PHMSA must require interstate and intrastate pipelines to verify that the MAOP of pipelines in class 3 and class 4 locations and class I and class 2 HCAs accurately reflect their physical and operational characteristics.
Industry standard practices for MAOP verification projects (i.