MAOPMaster of Arts in Organizational Psychology (various universities)
MAOPMaximum Allowable Operating Pressure
MAOPMid-Atlantic Association of Oracle Professionals
MAOPMid Atlantic Oncology Program
MAOPMaryland Association of Osteopathic Physicians
MAOPMaster Air Operations Planner
MAOPManagers' Annual Operating Plan
MAOPMeharry Association of Office Personnel
MAOPMilitary Assistance Officer Program (US DoD)
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Many-objective optimization problems (MAOPs) [1] refer to optimization problems whose number of objectives is over three and need to be processed simultaneously.
(1) A novel framework for MaOP algorithm is proposed, integrated with the idea of unified PSO.
The requirement that a hydrostatic "spike" test be used to verify MAOP pipelines constructed before 1970 or which have experienced a reportable in-service incident, has most companies up in arms.
Variable Acronym aortic pressure (mm Hg) AoP mean arterial pressure (mm Hg) MAoP cardiac output (mL/min) CO "contractible" volume of veins (mL) CVV sympathetic (inotropic) homeostatic Sy contractility modulation ejection fraction of the left ventricle EF end-diastolic volume of left ventricle (mL) EDVLV end-diastolic volume of section S2 of EDVS2 left ventricle end-diastolic pressure in left ventricle EDPLV (mm Hg) end-systolic volume of left ventricle (mL) ESVLV stroke volume of the left ventricle (mL) SVLV left atrial pressure (mm Hg) LAtP left ventricular pressure (mm Hg) LVP left ventricular volume (mL) LVV intrathoracic pressure (mm Hg) ITP
The increased MAOP is consistent with the engineering basis used on the Canadian portion of the Alliance Pipeline system and other international safety standards.
MAOP utilizes adaptive-optics technologies and MEMS-based deformable mirror technologies--originally developed for astronomy applications--for wavefront correction.
One of the first major TED-I projects is the proposed $610 million Saginaw Trail Pipeline project, which consists of five phases of construction and will replace over 77 miles of pipe--installed in 1942 with 12--and 16-inch pipe--with 24-inch steel pipe at 960 maximum allowable operating pressure (MAOP).
PHMSA is supposed to publish a final rule sometime this year for natural gas pipelines; but has recently been talking with oil pipelines about extending any new MAOP requirements to their facilities, even though the 2011 pipeline law makes no mention of hazardous liquid pipelines.
Pressure cycles were initially applied between 0 and 50% MAOP for 50,000 cycles, and then between 0 and 100% MAOP until failure.
That calculation is dependent on the maximum allowable operating pressure (MAOP) of the pipeline and its diameter.