MAOVMultivariate Analysis Of Variance
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The reconstruction of public lighting will be coordinated (design and implementation) with the laying of new cables CEZ Distribuce, as (project for CEZ is being developed by EMSL Liberec sro) The new public lighting will be designed in the length of about 240 m from the primary school in Maov near Turnov (transformer station at Maov primary school (st.
Many contributors to the literature under review here examine whether the incidence of war between democracies differs from the incidence of war between other states.(6) According to William Dixon, the democratic-distinctiveness literature has produced "very strong and consistent empirical evidence that wars between democracies are at most very rare events."(7) Indeed, on the basis of their analysis of data spanning 150 years, Zeev Maov and Nasrin Abdolali conclude that "democracies never fight one another."(8)
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