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MAP2K1Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinase Kinase 1 (also seen as MAPKK1; gene)
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To explore whether the patient would benefit from the BRAF inhibitor therapy, BRAF and MAP2K1 mutations were further tested.
Finally, and particularly, BRAF and MAP2K1 of the lung lesions were sequenced.
In addition to prognostic implications, mutations of BRAF and MAP2K1 may also have therapeutic significance.
However, downstream mutations of MAP2K1 (MEK1) have been identified in approximately one-third of HCL-vs and in most IGHV4-34-expressing classic HCLs.
Eight percent of melanomas showed gain-of-function mutations in the MAP2K1 (encoding MEK1) and MAP2K2 (encoding MEK2) genes, (476) resulting in constitutive activation of downstream ERK MAPK.
Other alterations occur at lower frequencies in NSCLC, including mutations in AKT1, (24) BRAF, (24) and MAP2K1, (25) and amplifications and mutations in MET (26) (for a review see Pao and Girard (27)).