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MAPAIModified American Plan All Inclusive
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The purpose of these organizations was to create an alternative to Mapai and to the political, economic and social approaches these leaders opposed.
He worked part-time as a member of the editorial board of Jewish Frontier, the influential Zionist publication edited by Hayim Greenberg, and was a crucial interlocutor in the United States of the Mapai party, the Histadrut, and the Haganah.
He points to various changes--a generational change in which the young are less compromising than the older generations, the transformation of the bulk of the Palestinian workforce from peasants to wage laborers, and a gradual decline in MAPAI's hegemony, which influences the outcome.
Investuotojai, baimindamiesi galimos imoniu kredito rizikos, labiau linksta pirkti Vyriausybes obligacijas, kurios yra saugios, taciau maPai pelningos.
A wholly owned subsidiary of Sarawak Cable, Trenergy Infrastructure, along with its China based joint venture partner Sinohydro, will be constructing two sections of the 500kV backbone - Mapai to Lachau (Package B) and Lachau to Tondong (Package C).
According to Eyal Kafkafi(1998), "Segregation or integration of the Israeli Arabs - two concepts in Mapai".
Characteristically counseling moderation or prudence within the inner circles of Mapai or government, at many junctures Sharett spoke out to blunt and block Ben-Gurion's more impetuous overtures.
The film chronicles the process of breaking up a sailors' revolt by the governing Mapai party (acronym of Israeli Workers Party), headed by Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion during the 1950s.
Such political parties included the Histadrut, Hashomer, Haganah, Mapai, Mapam, Progressive Party, Mizrahi, Hapoel Hamizrahi, Augudat Yisrael.
The leaders of the major Israel Labor Zionist political parties (Mapai and the Israel Labor party) have had long and close relationships with their counterparts in the Histadrut.
Its wholly-owned subsidiary, Trenergy Infrastructure Sdn Bhd s tied up with China s Sinohydro to establish the Sinohydro-Trenergy joint venture (JV) was given the Mapai to Lachau 500Kv transmission line project in Sarawak worth RM352.8 Million.