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MAPAMMassachusetts Association of Patient Account Management
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In 1964 Yaacov Hazan, one of the leaders of the founders' generation and one of the founders of Hashomer Hatzair Youth Movement, of the Mapam political party (and also its chairman), and of the National Kibbutz Movement, said:
ST) announced today the signing of two contracts for initial deliveries of its MAPAM (Mortar Anti Personnel Anti Material) in new developed configurations and calibres.
In July 1959, Mapam and Ahdut Ha'avoda opposed the sale of Israeli arms to West Germany and supported a vote of no confidence in the government.
But much of his activity was focused on the organization of illegal immigration to Palestine as a member of Hashomer Haza'ir, which in 1948 merged with Ahdut Ha'Avodah under the new name MAPAM (United Workers Party).
The Zionist 'left' then comprised the Mapai, the Mapam and Ahdot Havoda.
Indonesia has no diplomatic relations with Israel but a delegation of six Israelis just visited the country including Latif Dori, a leading figure in the leftist Mapam Party and Amira Hass, a journalist from the daily newspaper Ha'aretz.
The general concept of binationalism was at one point in time adopted by other minority Zionist groups, like Hashomer Hatzair and Mapam, Kedmah Mizracha, the Ichud and the League for Jewish-Arab Rapprochement.
29) Other left-wing parties, like Mapam, "wanted a completely secular state," including the establishment of "civil marriage and divorce for Jews and non-Jews.
53) Mapam mobilized former partisans and ghetto fighters to oppose the negotiations.
Sin embargo, los lideres de Mapam aceptaron gradualmente la ocupacion judia y el desarrollo de la tierra arabe: primero, por las exigencias de la guerra, y mas tarde en vista cie los requerimientos de absorcion de inmigrantes y de desarrollo agricola (Near, 1997, pp.
Flapan served from 1954 to 1981 as the national secretary of the left-Zionist Mapam party, which was part of the ruling Israeli Labor party.