MAPCMetropolitan Area Planning Council (Massachusetts)
MAPCMultipotent Adult Progenitor Cell
MAPCMadison Avenue Presbyterian Church (New York, NY)
MAPCMaritime Applied Physics Corporation (Baltimore, MD)
MAPCMaster of Arts in Professional Counseling (various universities)
MAPCMoms Against Popular Culture (Grand Theft Auto Vice City)
MAPCMichigan Alfalfa Processors' Cooperative (Tuscola County, Michigan)
MAPCMid-Atlantic Placement Conference
MAPCMagnesium Ammonium Phosphate Concrete
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Similarly, most of the analyzed VOCs concentrations were not varied significantly between MAPC and SAPC facilities (Table 4), except for DMS and skatole concentrations (Table 4), with the DMS concentration being significantly higher in MAPC and the skatole concentration being significantly higher in SAPC.
Intravenous administration of MAPC cell therapy reduced both the number and duration of seizures when compared to placebo treated animals.
Only grafts from those animals receiving MAPC and immunosuppressives survived long term.
We are honored that Broadway Electrical has been selected by MAPC and the 17 participating cities and towns for this very important and innovative project," said Jonathan Wienslaw, the president of Broadway Electrical Co.
MASSim is MAPC's central infrastructure: an application server providing the MAPC tournament infrastructure.
MAPC set out to "to bracket the Spartan's capabilities," to produce two boats that could do things that the Spartan couldn't do, Rice said.
The Coblentz Report urged voluntary regional planning under the aegis of a metropolitan council, and a follow-up regional ]and-use plan was produced in 1968 by the voluntary Regional Planning Commission (see MAPC 1973, 4).
Analyses of mice born after the experiment reveal that a single MAPC can contribute to all the body's tissues.
AMRA owns the copyright to these materials even though MAPC translates the marketing materials and accreditation program into French.
MEDC and MAPC staff used presentations and conceptual renderings of the future design of downtown Marlborough to showcase the details of the proposed changes.