MAPCAMajor Aortopulmonary Collateral Arteries
MAPCAMinnesota Association of Past Community Ambassadors (Ramsey, MN)
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Objective: To establish the efficacy of free coils for occlusion of MAPCAs in pre operative and post operative patients of total correction .
In 40 patients had MAPCAs coiled in pre operative and 4 patients underwent MAPCAs coiling in postoperative period while having total correction of TOF.
Results: All the patients had successful occlusion of MAPCAs in post procedure time.
Conclusion: Transcatheter coil occlusion of MAPCAs is effective and hameodynamically beneficial interventional therapy in patients of total correction for Tetralogy of Fallot.
These MAPCAs develop due to persistence of primitive embryological connections in lung parenchyma which manifest due to persistent hypoxia.
The association of MAPCAs with post operative TOF repair has resulted in morbidity and mortality in a pediatric intensive care unit.
One patient 18 years of age who had total correction, and remained in PICU for 13 weeks after total correction and improved significantly after MAPCAs were coiled.
The mayrid of shunts that includes residual VSD, residual MAPCAs, residual PDA, ASD have been closed in a cardiac interventional lab.
Li S et al reported that MAPCAs being a significant factor in prolonged mechanical ventilation times14 after total correction.