MAPDMedicare Advantage Part D (insurance)
MAPDMedicare Advantage Prescription Drug (program)
MAPDMicro-Pixel Avalanche Photo Diode
MAPDMethodology of Associated Process Development (trademark of Integrated Process Developers, Inc.)
MAPDMulticultural Arts Professional Development
MAPDMajor Accident Prevention Document (risk analysis and mitigation plan for a pipeline system)
MAPDMean Absolute Percent Deviation (statistics)
MAPDMulti-Application Platform for Definity (Avaya)
MAPDMaximum Allowable Percent Defective
MAPDMethylacetylene-Propadiene (chemistry)
MAPDMesa Airlines Pilot Development
MAPDMicrowave-Assisted Processes Division (Environmental Technology Centre unit, Canada government)
MAPDMassachusetts Association of Planning Directors, Inc.
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Section 4 presents some implementation details of MAPD regarding certain design choices and parameter tuning via experiments.
In 2012, 66 percent of customers did not hit the Medicare prescription drug coverage gap with their existing PDP or MAPD, according to the analysis.
Part D plans typically charge a monthly premium, which averaged $37 in PDPs and $18 in MAPDs in 2006 (Gold, 2006).
Disclosures: The authors said that they had no corporate financial disclosures, and that although the MAPD plan administrators were able to review the paper, they had no control over design, conduct, or interpretation of the study.
The MAAOQ is defined as average outgoing quality at MAPD, we have MAAOQ = AOQ at p = [p.
The gauges can be specified as individual components to be fitted into an existing dashboard style, or a complete MAPD panel can now be supplied direct by Caterpillar.
SCAN Health Plan is one of the nation's largest non-for-profit MAPD plans currently serving nearly 145,000 members in California and Arizona.
MAPD [Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug contracting] models will continue to grow and tie reimbursement to the Star ratings.
Part-year dual enrollees and switchers between PDP and MAPD plans were removed in order to more accurately measure the effects of dual eligibility and plan type on noncompliance.
Trimble has been elected chairman of the board of directors of SCAN Health Plan, the nation's third largest not-for-profit MAPD plan.