MAPDMedicare Advantage Part D (insurance)
MAPDMedicare Advantage Prescription Drug (program)
MAPDMicro-Pixel Avalanche Photo Diode
MAPDMethodology of Associated Process Development (trademark of Integrated Process Developers, Inc.)
MAPDMulticultural Arts Professional Development
MAPDMajor Accident Prevention Document (risk analysis and mitigation plan for a pipeline system)
MAPDMean Absolute Percent Deviation (statistics)
MAPDMulti-Application Platform for Definity (Avaya)
MAPDMaximum Allowable Percent Defective
MAPDMethylacetylene-Propadiene (chemistry)
MAPDMesa Airlines Pilot Development
MAPDMicrowave-Assisted Processes Division (Environmental Technology Centre unit, Canada government)
MAPDMassachusetts Association of Planning Directors, Inc.
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Repeated measurements of the machined standard with known surface parameters showed MAPD was less than 5% for all parameters in both the intra- and interobserver error tests (Greer et al.
MAPD = 100%/N [N.summation over (i=1)] [absolute value of [[eta].sub.f_predict] - [[eta].sub.f_experiment]/ [[eta].sub.f_predict]].
Table 1: Measurements of Jugular Foramen (In mm) Parameter Side Mean SD Range SEM MAPD R 18.61 2.43 13.14-24.12 0.44 L 17.76 2.2 13.22-23.90 0.40 MTD R 11.38 1.85 8.18-15.10 0.34 L 9.99 1.76 6.36-14.52 0.32 Table 2: Distribution of Range of MAPD of Jugular Foramen (In mm) Range of MAPD Right Left of Jugular Foramen No.
Symonds brings over 16 years of enterprise software marketing experience to MapD and will scale the company's marketing and demand generation efforts following their USD10M Series A round.
Section 3 presents the detailed design of our proposed mechanism MAPD. Section 4 presents some implementation details of MAPD regarding certain design choices and parameter tuning via experiments.
(11.) Bertuzzi RCM, Franchini E, Kiss MAPD. Analise da forca e da resistencia de preensao manual e as suas relacoes com variaveis antropometricas em escaladores esportivos.
(3) the mean absolute relative deviation (MARD), also known as the mean absolute percentage deviation (MAPD), expressing the average value of relative deviations:
The model quality was estimated quantitatively as a RMSE (root mean square error), [R.sup.2] (coefficient of determination), and MAPD (mean absolute percentage deviation) values for both training and test data sets.
Those changes on the impedance over time based on statistics metrics like root mean square deviation (RMSD), mean absolute percentage deviation (MAPD), and correlation coefficient deviation (CCD) were shown to be an indicator of the hardening of concrete during curing process.
Only 24 percent of customers were in the Medicare Advantage prescription drug (MAPD) plan with the lowest total out-of pocket costs.