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This experiment, called the Network MAPEX (UA) 01-03, was the first of its kind, using subject matter experts from all the Training and Doctrine Command schools and centers, Space and Missile Command, Program Manager for Future Combat System networks, TRADOC Systems Managers for Satellite Communications, Warfighter Information Network-Tactical, Joint Tactical Radio System, Office Chief of Signal and many others, to really focus on the impact of the warfight on our networks and its ability to support all of the functional areas.
He will perform, chat and illustrate his trade at a the Mapex drum clinic, hosted by Newcastle Drum Centre and Gateshead's Drum Shop.
First, it's to highlight the roles and involvement of the Battle Command Battle Lab at Fort Gordon in support of TRADOC's UA/FCS Concept Experimentation Program, and secondly to identify a number of insights gained during the execution of the MAPEX elaborating on how these insights might impact the development of the UA/FCS communications network.
The three TRADOC EEA's considered by the BCBL (G) MAPEX were "How does C4ISR enable the UA?
0 Caspian Sea scenario were used for the BCBL (G) MAPEX.
The Network MAPEX was an integrated Signal Center effort as the BCBL (G) invited SIGCEN subject matter experts from the Directorate of Combat Developments and the SIGCEN TRADOC Systems Managers.
The MAPEX began on April 15, 2003, and each vignette was "fought" to distill network communications insights.
At this time all MAPEX participants and observers were given the opportunity to discuss the communications networking and support plans.
The Network MAPEX generated more than fifty insights.
From the first event with its emphasis on being prepared to fight off the ramp, to the last event of pursuit and exploitation, the MAPEX highlighted the requirement for ultra-reliable Situational Awareness via the COP, The UA communications network is wholly dependent on JIM assets, external to the UA, for network robustness.
This Network MAPEX was only the first network-focused experiment in the integrated Battle Command Experimentation Campaign Plan spearheaded by Fort Leavenworth and supported by Fort Huachuca and Fort Gordon.
The MAPEX will also address reconnaissance in support of urban operations, as the available resources will not allow full simulation during the virtual and constructive exercises.