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MAPIMessaging Application Programming Interface
MAPIMaharishi Ayurveda Products International (Fairfield, IA; health supplements)
MAPIMillon Adolescent Personality Inventory
MAPIMail Application Program Interface (Microsoft)
MAPIManufacturers Alliance for Productivity and Innovation (Arlington, Virginia)
MapiMissouri Association of Private Investigators
MAPIMid-Atlantic Paranormal Investigations (Martinsburg, WV)
MAPIMobilisation autour d'un Projet d'Insertion (French: Mobilization around an Integration Project)
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The MAPI Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit subsidiary research organization of the Manufacturers Alliance for Productivity and Innovation.
The proximate cause for faste r industrial growth is that demand has shifted toward manufactured goods," wrote MAPI Foundation chief economist Daniel J.
Both the MAPI report and the durable goods order data confirm the strong confidence, Norman continued.
MAPI forecasts that manufacturing production will increase 3.
The study was sponsored jointly by The Aspen Institute's program on Manufacturing and Society in the 21st Century and MAPI.
The WX platforms improve application performance over the WAN by eliminating redundant transmissions, accelerating TCP and application-specific protocols including CIFS, MAPI and HTTP, prioritizing and allocating access to bandwidth, and ensuring high availability at sites with multiple WAN links.
ProSanos Corporation, specialists in the capture, integration, and analysis of healthcare-related data, and Groupe MAPI, an organization dedicated to providing the expertise needed to fully evaluate a drug's properties and qualities, announce today the formation of a strategic corporate partnership which includes an investment in ProSanos by the MAPI Groupe.
The GDP forecast for 2009 in the current MAPI report is lower than the previously anticipated 2.